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EDERED (European Drama Encounters - Rencontres Européennes de Drama)

EDERED is een meerdaagse Europese theaterontmoeting voor jongeren, die elk jaar in een ander Europees land wordt georganiseerd. Dit jaar is OPENDOEK gastorganisator van de ontmoeting in België en trekt het EDERED-team naar Gent, in het kader van Ghent European Youth Capital.

EDERED is a multi-day European theater encounter for young people, organised in a different European participating country every year. This year, OPENDOEK will host the encounter for Belgium and the EDERED team is heading to Ghent, as part of Ghent European Youth Capital.

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EDERED 2024 Ghent: July 8-18

Toonmoment / final performance EDERED 

Tijdens EDERED werken de jongeren een hele week lang rond het thema Louder together! een creatieve voorstelling uit die ze op het einde van de week tonen aan het publiek. Wil je het toonmoment graag bijwonen? Dat kan gratis na inschrijving via het formulier hieronder.

Wanneer: woensdag 17 juli 18:00

Waar: Campo Victoria, Fratersplein 7, 9000 Gent

EDERED Louder Together 4

Ever since 1982, young people from all over Europe (aged between 18 and 26) have been able to meet each other during EDERED, a multi-day European theatre encounter. Through a diverse programme of intensive intercultural workshops and social activities, young people get to know each other, the city and new theatre techniques. The participants, aged between 18 and 26, will work towards a final performance to be performed at the end of EDERED.

This year, EDERED is being organised in Belgium, with OPENDOEK as guest organiser, ASBL Tremplins as co-organiser and Hippolyte Bohou as artistic director. The ten-day event takes place in Ghent with the theme 'Louder together'! EDERED has 13 participating countries this year: Germany, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, UK, Turkey, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides the workshops, OPENDOEK also organises group activities to get to know not only each other, but also the city of Ghent and the local theatre scene.

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Practical information


  • 8 - 18 July 2024 (8 and 18 July are travel days)
  • Public performance July 17 at 6 pm


  • At various locations in Ghent
  • Public performance in Campo Victoria, Fratersplein 7, Ghent


  • Young people between 18 and 26 years old

Artistic Director: Hippolyte Bohou

Hippolyte Bohouo trained at the School of Theatre and Dance in Abidjan, after dancing for Kamel Ouali and Georges Momboye. He moved to Belgium in 2010, where he has created a number of works that resonate with his current situation. In 2014, he created ‘Pourquoi ne parles-tu pas’ (a choreographic piece for 4 dancers and an actor) at Studio Thor in Brussels. In 2016, he created ‘Tour d'ivoire’, at the Manège in Mons (choreography for 5 dancers). The same year, he assisted Serge Aimé Coulibaly on the piece ‘No Emergency Exit’ with the graduating students of Art au carré in Mons. After creating ‘Zouglou’ in 2019 at the Théâtre Le 140, in 2021 he embarked on the adventure of creating ‘Miettes de vie’ at the École des Sables with 16 dancers. The same year, he created a show with young people for the EDERED project on the theme of "Urban Jungle", performed at Les Riches-Claires in Brussels and projected online for the other participating countries. In 2022, he repeated the EDERED experience in Croatia with a dozen young people from different countries on the theme of 220volts. Driven by the urgency and need to speak with a social and political commitment, his powerful and sensitive creations explore subjects linked to human and societal issues.

Co-organisator: ASBL Tremplins

ASBL Tremplins' main task is to organise the Brussels Babel Festival. A festival where young people express themselves around a specific theme through various art forms such as theatre, visual arts, dance and more. Through this festival, they aim to promote equal opportunities, better living together and encounters with diversity in the Brussels Region. They tackle social problems through artistic creation, building bridges between the artistic sector, youth associations, schools and cultural organisations in the Brussels region.

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