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Spots op West

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Will you be performing at Spots op West 2024?

Next summer, we'll once again transform the West Flemish Heuvelland into a unique theater festival! From 4 to 7 July, 2024, you can see a lot of (amature) theater talent in Westouter.

As always, the focus is on site-specific theater (location theater). The audience can enjoy performances at unique locations, from the church to fields and even a potato warehouse.

We are particularly looking for:

  • Performances with limited setup and teardown time, with technical requirements suitable for various locations in Westouter, with a duration of no longer than 45 minutes.
  • Acts of 15 minutes for the outdoor theater walk that can be performed at different times on Saturday and Sunday, with or without a limited set, and with minimal technical requirements.
  • Short acts as side program in and around the Spiegeltent (mirror tent in Dutch) at DOP, the heart of the festival, with or without a limited set, and with minimal technical requirements.

If you are a theater maker and willing to create something for a specific location, if your theater group wants to showcase a performance that would thrive in charming Westouter, or if you'd like to contribute to the theater walk, we offer performance opportunities to groups and individual creators or artists from all possible (theater) disciplines!

Please let us know when we can come and see your performance, act, or walk, although it's sometimes difficult abroad. Seeing something is always much more interesting than reading about it on paper. For the performers and creators, it's much nicer to convey the actual feel of the performance. We strongly recommend adding visual material to your submission to show us why you should be part of 'Spots op West.'

The registration form can be filled out until 15 January.

Application form Spots op West 2024

Application form Spots op West

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Met kinderen bedoelen we tot 12 jaar, met jongeren bedoelen we jonger dan 26 jaar.

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If you are seeking neutral feedback on your performance, you can also request free theater advice (www.opendoek.be/theateradvies).
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Spots op West is a location theater festival that is organized annually in Westouter, Heuvelland, a hospitable festival village in the Westhoek.

Spots op West wants to offer a varied program that provides a rich overview of what leisure time theatre means today. Performances come from near and far (sometimes even international performances are on the programme). The charm of the festival lies in the small-scale locations. You perform in a shed, a barn, a church, on the street, in the woods, everything is possible…

Would you like more information about the location festival Spots op West van OPENDOEK? Do you want to perform? Contact us with all your questions at spotsopwest@opendoek.be.

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