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This is about a student short film shooting in BRUSSELS.

This is a great project and we are looking for one or more make-up artists who can assist us during the whole shooting or just for a part of it.

DATE RANGE : from 21 (this Friday!) to 24 (maybe 25) and from 27 to 30 June.
Not all days are the same:
- The most challenging day will be the 30th, because one of the characters will have to appear older.
- From the 21st to the 23rd, it is necessary to make up a gentleman in a coma in a hospital bed.
- The 24, 27, 28, 29 is clean classic makeup.

Every day there will be the same mail character (every day with a slightly more tired look), but a different character accompaning him.
For this reason, the idea of having different make-up artists on different days (depending on availability) does not bother us at all.
Please let me know if any question at, and do share this ad with whoever may be interested.

Many thanks and enjoy the sunshine!
Sonia (