Saturday 8 october, 18:00 > 19:00

Date: Saturday 8 October

Time: 18:00 to 19:00

Location: Stormkop – Central hall

Language: wordless

Price 15 euros (13 euros concessions)


Comedic dance theatre about living together and differences.


A man seeks connection with nature, and finds a place in green surroundings with enough space to set up his tent, folding chair and other objects. He settles in, determined to enjoy the peace and quiet and generally be at one with nature. His plans are quickly thwarted when another man arrives and sets up camp nearby. Initially, the two enjoy a cordial relationship, but when one wants to take a nap while the other puts on some music, the atmosphere changes. What should have been a moment of relaxation turns into a scene of power struggles, domination, and a reckoning... How far are we willing to go to satisfy our desires, not to lose face, and defend our territory?


Concept & choreography: Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Cast and creation: Hippolyte Bohouo, Tomas Danielis, Barthlém Manias, Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Directors: Emma Laroche, Joseph Lavicoli

Scenography: Maria Clara Villa Lobos

Costumes: Barbara Mavro Thalassitis

Sound: Gaetan Bulourde

Light: Emma Laroche